Sompong Thai Cooking School (Bangkok)

  • Learn about Thai ingredients and Thai culture in an everyday open market.
  • Watch and experienced Thai cook as he/she demonstrates the art in both simple and more exotic preparations.
  • Get recipes for a variety of Thai dishes, each one providing authentic instruction for making classic Thai dishes.
  • Learn how to cook appetizers, curry (including the curry paste), main course and dessert in a traditional Thai open air kitchen.

What to expect
  • Offer customers the opportunity to learn how to cook real Thai food in a tradition Thai setting, with skilled and friendly teachers who can impart the secrets of Thai cooking to you in a fun atmosphere.
  • Our class that introduces the student to variety of Thai ingredients demonstrates basic and more advanced cooking techniques, provides step-by-step instruction for cooking the most popular Thai dishes, and allows plenty or practice time for customer to cook and eat delicious Thai food. Here are some features of our course.
  • Daily Menu
    • Monday
      • Chicken green curry
      • Homemade green curry paste
      • Stir fried chicken with cashew nut
      • Thai spicy mixed fruit salad
      • Egg custard in pumpkin
    • Tuesday
      • Choo chee curry with prawns
      • Homemade red curry paste
      • Chicken galangal in coconut milk soup
      • Pomelo salad
      • Mango sticky rice
    • Wednesday
      • Panaeng chicken curry
      • Homemade panaeng curry paste
      • Thai papaya salad
      • Fried noodle Thai style
      • Golden banana in syrup
    • Thursday
      • Chicken yellow curry
      • Homemade yellow curry paste
      • Spicy prawns with lemongrass salad
      • Fried noodle with soya sauce with chicken
      • Mango sticky rice
    • Friday
      • Chicken Mussaman curry
      • Homemade Mussaman curry
      • Chicken fried rice
      • Spicy prawns soup
      • Golden pumpkin in coconut milk
    • Saturday
      • Prawns curry with pineapples
      • Homemade red curry paste
      • Stir fried spicy chicken
      • Spicy Thai omelette with herb salad
      • Mango sticky rice
    • Sunday
      • Chicken red curry
      • Homemade red curry paste
      • Stir fried prawns with tamarind
      • Northern chicken spicy salad
      • Mango sticky rice

How to get there

For Taxi / สำหรับ Taxi
Sompong Thai Cooking School (Bangkok)
31/11 สีลม ซอย 13 ถ.สีลม กรุงเทพฯ 10500 (เข้าซอย 100 เมตร อยู่เยื่องโรงแรมนารายณ์ ก่อนถึงซอยวัดแขก สุดซอยมีตู้โทรศัพท์หน้าโรงเรียน)
เบอร์โทร: 02-233-2128, 084-779-8066
Sompong Thai Cooking School (Bangkok)
31/11 Silom Soi 13 , Silom Road, Bangrak Bangkok 10500 (100 meter walk in street Opposite Narai Hotel and Triple Two Hotel)
Tel.: 02-233-2128, 084-779-8066
  • Sky Train (BTS)
  • Take BTS to Chong Nongsi exit 3, Our staffs ready to pick up you from meeting point BTS (Sky Train) Chong Nonsi Station (Exit 3)
  • Grab Taxi
  • Install a Grab Tax mobile App, Enter Sompong Thai Cooking School (Bangkok) to your destination

31/11 Silom Soi 13 , Silom Road, Bangrak Bangkok 10500 (100 meter walk in street Opposite Narai Hotel and Triple Two Hotel)