Safari World

  • Safari World, Thailand's greatest open zoo and leisure park that offers a great variety of entertainment for everyone. Whether it is an exciting safari drive through the picturesque African wilderness settings, an intimate encounter with our friendly dolphins or an exhilarating fast-paced action stunt spectacular, Safari World has it all!

What to expect
    • The ultimate safari experience features hundreds of animals from all over the world. Highlights include Wildlife Feeding Show. You are welcome to take your car or ride on one of Safari's luxury coaches into the park. English-speaking guides are available on request.
    • White Tiger Show (performed daily)
    • Jungle Cruise river ride - a water flume ride through the jungles of Africa and Asia, featuring the most advanced animatronics and special effects.
    • 7 exciting shows daily - Spy War Action Stunt Spectacular, Water Ski, Dolphin, Hollywood Cowboy Stunt, Bird, Orang Utan boxing and Sea Lion.
    • Hundreds of exhibits featuring white tiger, fancy carp garden , tapir kingdom, tropical rain forest aviary, sea lion exhibit, crocodile garden, Macaw island and many more.
    • Adventure Island, Game Town, to name a few.
    • From parrot caps and dolphin T-shirts to delicate glassware and exotic Thai handicrafts, our gift shop offers a vast variety of souvenirs that would make a perfect gift or a treasured keepsake.
    • Information Center provides details:
    • The park, its attractions and show schedules as well as storage and paging service in many languages.
    • Lost & found inquiries are also handled here.
    • First Aid Facilities are staffed by 1 doctor and 3 nurses at all times to ensure prompt attention. Public and international telephones are conveniently located throughout the park.
    • Strollers and wheelchair rental service is available at the main entrance of Marine Park. Strollers are for use inside the Park only
    • More than 40 brands new super-duluxe (44 seats), Deluxe (30 seats) and Mini (25 seats) coaches are ready at your service 24 hours a day.
    • 2 parking areas can accommodate over 2,000 cars and coaches at one time. A train shuttle service between Car Park 2 and Marine Park is available free of charge.

How to get there

For Taxi / สำหรับ Taxi
ซาฟารีเวิลด์ ตั้งอยู่ : เลขที่ 99 ถ. รามอินทรา บริเวณกิโลเมตรที่ 9 เขตมีนบุรี
เบอร์โทร: 02-9144100-19, 02-5181000-19
Safari World
99 Panyaintra Rd.,Samwatawantok, Klongsamwa, Bangkok 10510 Thailand.
Tel.: 02-9144100-19, 02-5181000-19
  • Take Taxi or Grab and tell the driver to go Safari World (Recommended)
  • Take BTS and get off at the last stop Mo Chit, From here, take Exit No. 1 or No. 3 and catch the bus No. 26 or 96 to Fashion Island Shopping Mall stop Then hop on a taxi to Safari World Bangkok.

99 Panyaintra Rd.,Samwatawantok, Klongsamwa, Bangkok 10510 Thailand.