The Erawan Museum Bangkok

  • Erawan has the meaning of water, clouds, and rainbow. It is the sacred name of a white elephant with 33 heads. The traditional tale has it that Erawan is the vehicle of Indra, a Hindu highest god.
  • Erawan can travel freely in the realm of the Earth and Heaven. Erawan went with Indra to take care of human and their well-being. Indra's enemy is the god of thunder, who creates draught in the realm of the Earth, so Erawan uses its trunk to deliver water from heaven to Earth.
  • Therefore, Erawan represents the abundance and the goodness of Indra, and is usually represent as a 3-headed instead of 33 heads that it has in the legend for aesthetic purposes in art forms.
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What to expect
  • Experience a gigantic architecture of a three-headed elephant made of bronze weighs 250 tons, is 29 meters high, 39 meters long, and stands on a 15 meters high pedestal.
  • Explore the gorgeous Thai culture, architecture and history at Ancient City in over 200 acres.
  • Enjoy taking a photos at the highlight viewpoints.

How to get there

For Taxi / สำหรับ Taxi
99/9 หมู่ 1, ถ.สุขุมวิท ต.บางเมืองใหม่, อ.เมือง จ.สมุทรปราการ 10270
เบอร์โทร: 02-3234094-99#231
The Erawan Museum
99/9 Moo 1 Bangmuangmai Muang Samut Parkan 10270
Tel.: 02-3234094-99#231
  • Getting there by taxi or drive is the easiest and most convenient

99/9 Moo 1 Bangmuangmai Muang Samut Parkan 10270